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Vietnam Attractions - Vietnam Holidays

Hanoi - The Capital of Vietnam


Vietnam Holidays - In Vietnamese, Hanoi is always written separately, comprising two words: "Ha" meaning "river" (Red River) and "Noi" meaning "inner". However, before getting its present name, the capital city of Vietnam has undergone a complicated history filled with different...


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Vietnam holiday - Halong Bay

  • Vietnam Holidays - Ha Long is one of the most highlighted trips in Northern Vietnam. Located 170 kilometers from Ha Noi, Ha Long is a part of Quang Ning province, bordering China to the north.
  • Ha Long Bay is well-known for its wonderful landscape of limestone mountains...

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    Ninh Binh - Hoa Lu - Tam Coc


    Vietnam Holidays - Located 100 kilometers from Hanoi, Hoa Lu, a part of Ninh Binh province, has recently become a tourism magnet thanks to its magnificently scenic view of mountains, rivers as well as historical relics. Hoa Lu used to be the capital of Vietnam...


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    Sapa - The City in Dew


    Vietnam Holiday - Sapa is an incredibly picturesque village located in the marvelous valley of Hoang Lien Son mountains near the Chinese border in the northwest of Vietnam. The town was discovered by Jesuit missionaries in 1918, who were attracted by its stunning scenery and cool climate...


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    Vietnam holiday - Dien Bien Phu


    Vietnam Holidays - Dien Bien Phu was the battle field between the French and Viet Minh where the harshest fights took place. The beleaguered French garrison was defeated after a 57-day siege here in 1954, forcing the French government to surrender and...


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    Vietnam holiday - Mai Chau


    Vietnam Holidays - Mai Chau Village is the center of Hoa Binh, where you can experience the lively culture of minority people. The village is situated in a beautiful valley decorated with green terraced rice fields. The major minority living in Mau Chau is Thai ethnic group...


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    Vietnam holiday - Ha Giang


    Vietnam Holidays - Ha Giang, 300 km away from Hanoi, located at the highest latitude in Vietnam. It is surrounded by Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, and Yen Bai. It shares a border with China in the north. Many ethnic minorities, including the Dao, H’mong, Tay, and Nung, live in Ha Giang province...


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    Vietnam holiday - Babe Lake


    Vietnam Holidays - Ba Be is Vietnam’s largest natural lake and is now the centrepiece of an extensive National Park. The park and the surrounding area is limestone country, so lakes, waterfalls, caves and unusual rock formations abound. The whole area is richly forested and home to many ethnic...


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    Vietnam holiday - Cao bang


    Vietnam Holidays - Cao Bang is 272 km north of Hanoi, a province in the Northeast of Vietnam, bordered with China. There are nine ethnic minorities living in Cao Bang, including the Tay, Nung, Dao, and H’mong.Famous sites include Thang Then Lake in Tra Linh, Ban Gioc Fall in Trung Khanh, and Ba Be Lake...


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    Vietnam holidays - Lang Son


    Vietnam Holiday - Lang Son is located far north at the 0 km landmark of National Highway 1A, more specifically at Huu Nghi Quan (Friendship Gate). This is an important transportation link between Vietnam and China. The main ethnic groups found in that area...


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    Phong Nha - Ke Bang

    Vietnam Holidays - Viet Nam's Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park has been recognised as a world natural heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) at its 27th general assembly session being held in Paris from June 30-July 5...


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    Hue - A Dreamlike City


    Vietnam Holidays - Lying on the Huong River (Perfume River), Hue is a province in Central Vietnam, bordering Quang Tri province, Danang city, Truong Son Mountain, and the East Sea to the north, the south, the west, and the east, respectively. It is located 650 kilometers to the south of Ha Noi and 1080 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh City...


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    Vietnam holiday - Da Nang

    danang_vietnam_tourane Vietnam Holidays - A l’époque de la guerre du Vietnam, on qualifiait souvent Danang de ‘’Saigon du nord’’. Le cliché se teintait à la fois de louanges et d’opprobre : à l’instar de sa grande sœur du sud, Danang devait sa réputation à son économie florissante, ses bons restaurants...


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    Hoi An - A City of Ancientry


    Vietnam Holidays - Hoi An is an ancient town on the bank of Thu Bon River, located 30 kilometers to the south of Danang city. It used to be one of the most important trading ports of Southeast Asian in the 16th century, known as "Faifo" among Western traders. The charm of Hoi An ancient town...


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    Nha Trang - A City of Beautiful Beaches


    Vietnam Holidays - Nha Trang city, lying on the coastline in the south central region, is a famous beach city of Vietnam with its clean and isolated beaches. With beautiful sights, it is then an ideal place for relaxing and drinking in the sunlight. Several islands rising...


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