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Land higher than 2,000 m is often observed in the Hoang Lien Son area.
Land 1,500 m to 1,800 m high is former peneplain. Areas that were strongly dissected in the past are now just peaks at the same elevation. In places with favorable relief and homogeneous rocky bases, the surface of the peneplain is quite large and less dissected, creating relatively flat areas in mountainous regions such as the calcareous (limestone) highlands of Dong Van, Вас Ha, Sa Pa, and Da Lat. Such places are largely exploited and inhabited, and many have been transformed into touristic sites.
Land 1,000 m to 1,400 m high is also former peneplain, younger than the Tertiary period, formed from the following elevated cycles and strongly divided. Such terrain occurs frequently in northern mountainous areas, Truong Son and the Central Highlands.
Land 600 m to 900 m high is level with middle elevation. Such formations are typical of northern mountainous regions and can also be seen at Kon Tum-Play Ku plateau in the Central Highlands.
Land 200 m to 600 m high includes low and dissected hills and mountains which form a chain. This terrain can be seen in the northern midlands as well as in Central Vietnam and the Southern Central Highlands.
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