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Renaissance Art

Curiosity and enthusiasm for life were at the heart of the Renaissance. Few peo­ple expressed that spirit better than Leo­nardo da Vinci. Leonardo was bom in Italy in 1452. He was an artist as well as a scientist and inventor. Leonardo be­lieved, as the Greeks and Romans had, that people could use their minds to un­derstand the world.

Leonardo used his mind to observe the world around him carefully. As he did so, he recorded his ideas in notebooks. These y notebooks are filled with sketches of plants, skeletons, and muscles. They also contain plans for cranes, tanks, pumps, and submarines.

Unlike earlier painters who drew flat, stiff-looking figures, Leonardo tried to draw objects exactly as he saw them in e life. He wanted the observer to feel as  if he or she could step into the sketch or painting. One of the ways Leonardo did this was by creating a feeling of space, or depth. This is known as perspective, Another great artist who lived during the Renaissance, Michelangelo Buonarroti, also worked to make his art look more lifelike.

Like the Greeks and Romans, Michelangelo celebrated the beauty and strength of human beings in his art. His sculptures and paintings show many human feel­ings—such as anger, sorrow, and dignity.

A well-known work of Michelangelo  is painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican in Rome. It  covers 6,000 square feet (550 square meters) and is made up of 145 separate paintings. Each painting shows a scene from the Bible. It took Michelangelo four and a half years to finish this famous mas­terpiece. During much of that time, he worked flat on his back only inches from the ceiling.

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