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The important continent

In the heyday of the Greek and Roman empires, Europe was a center of trade, of innovation, and of thought and religion. In the 1,400 years since the fall of Rome, Europe at times lost its place as a center of human progress, but never for long. Even in its dark­est moments, Europe remained a center of human achievement and activity. Europe’s location at the edge of Asia and Africa has promoted human interaction and diversity. These conditions stimulated and continue to stimulate human achievement.

Rome’s rise to power and greatness took place over many centu­ries.» Its fall from power was also a gradual process. The reasons for its decline were complicated, but basically fell into five catego­ries: collapse of central authority, no effective rule of succession to the throne, too much power vested in the army, attack from with­out, economic decline.

Against this backdrop of hard times, Christianity arose, not among the Roman elite, but among the masses. Christianity of­fered the downtrodden solace in this life and hope for a heavenly paradise after death. Its doctrine of equality also attracted many converts.

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