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Village Life

The new inventions helped farmers produce more and more food. In time, some farmers were able to produce a food surplus, or more than they needed to feed their own families. Village dwellers began to depend on this surplus for their food. No longer did everyone in the village have to farm. Now some people could earn a living by weaving cloth, tanning leather, making pottery, or building furniture. People who earn their living at a craft are called artisans.
The artisans were specialists. That is, they devoted themselves to a special job or to a particular service. They then traded their goods or services to meet their needs. In this way, a potter might trade a bowl for a chicken, for a pair of sandals, or for some building materials.
As people traded goods and services, arguments arose over business matters. Villagers needed a way to settle disputes.
In time, village assemblies grew up. These groups made rules to keep law and order. Government, or a way of making and carrying out laws, was beginning.
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越南- 這個融合了東方神秘色彩和法國浪漫風情的國家。每年數以百萬的遊客從全球各地來越南旅遊,我們擁有從東方千年文華的古老皇城到西方百年曆史的天主教堂,從殘酷的戰爭博物館到祥和的佛塔,.. 越南越走越美
jonque oriental sails baie d'halong
Croisière en jonque Oriental Sail, jonque traditionnelle de 2 cabines pour visiter Cat Ba Halong
jonque halong cat ba
Crosière en jonque Halong Cat Ba, pour visiter les deux merveilleuses baies

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