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Art galleries in Hanoi

Aspiring young arlists display their works in Hanoi's private art galleries in the hope of attracting a buyer. The highest concentration of upmarket galleries is on Pho Trang Tien, between Hoan Kiem Lake and the Opera House - just stroll down the strip. Most art galieries have some English-speaking staff, and are open daily until 8pm or 9pm. Prices range from a few dollars to a few thousand and polite bargaining is the norm. vietnam travel.

  1. Apricot Gallery
    Add: 40B Hang Bong
    Tel: (84-8) 828 8965
    Another upmarket gallery with well displayed pieces and professional service.
  2. Art Space
    Add: 4 Au Trieu
    Tel: (84-4) 928 5859
    Decent gallery offering works from a selection of artists.
  3. Gallery 79 Tue Tinh
    Add: 79 Tue Tinh
    Tel: (84-4) 822 6874
    Opportunities to choose paintings that have been selected from the works of Vietnamese talented painters of various generations.
  4. Hoang Minh Gallery
    Add: 59 Van Mieu
    Tel: (84-4) 747 1999
    Specialized in reproduction all the world's masterpieces by oil, lacquer and hand - made embroidery.
  5. Hanoi Art Gallery
    Add: 36-38 Trang Tien
    Tel: (84-4) 934 7192
    Central location close to Hoan Kiem Lake. Wide range of works, some at very reasonable prices.
  6. Mai Hien Studio
    Add: 99 Nguyen Thai Hoc
    Tel: (84-4) 846 9614
    Good outlet for decent Vietnamese art.
  7. Vine Annex Art & Antiques
    Add: 45 Au Co, Tay Ho
    Tel: (844) 719 8321
    Fax: (84-4) 719 8465
    A gallery of Fam Luc's artworks, also a venue for sit down, buffet parties, wine tasting and fundraisers. Can seat 50, or 75 standing.

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